Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We Can Make a Difference

Find out how can you help and support biodiversity in your coutryand in other parts of world...

I think that people can try to plant more tree , maybe to econome more the water and the electricity .And to dont throu away dishes. But in our country I think that I can help to learn my friends to econome the water and the electricity and how to reciclen peper an dto give batteris to special boxes wich resycle theme I think tha will be good and to dont throught away dishes.

I think that people can stop polluing the planet and to resicle things that we can resicle.They can econome the water and electricity , they can also make grow up trees and  stp chop down them.People can also stop to keal animals  because this animals can be in extinct.  People can try to just care about biodiversity and our planet.

We Can Make a Difference !

Find out how you can help and support biodiversity in your country and in other parts of the world

I think that in idea to help to support biodiversity I can maybe plant more trees and to econome the water and electricity. I can also tell people to stop polluing the enviroment.I can also tell my mom of place to drive us to school that we wolk to school.

I think that people can start to stop to pollu the nature and to econome the water and the electricity.

Benefits of Biodieversity

Why the Bodivevrsity is important to Human  beings.

The Biodiversity is important in our life because without biodiversity nothing was existing on our planet.

Write the true reasons behind the importance of biodiversity for humankind.

Without the biodiversity there we will dont have any food , medicine, clothes ant all things that we need and have now. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Analyze of the snow leopard

the snow leopard is in the cat familly
We can find snow leopard in the russa
The snow leopard is very difficult to find
the number of the snow leopards is little

Analyze of the white bear

the white bear is in the bear familly he is living over many years
people can find the white bear in colden place but it is very dangerous
the white bear has a big number that mean that he is not near  the extinction

Analyze of the whale

Tha whale is in the fishe  familly
we can find whales in the sea
there is many kind of whales
that means that he's number big

Analyze of the Shark

The shark is also in the fishe  familly he is one of the first fishes in the world
People can find the shark in different sea .The shark has a big number.

Comparisons between Biomes

The Shark and the whale .

   The Shark and the Whale are together in the water ecosistem . 

About the shark :
The Shark is an Carnivore ( wich eat other fishs ) animal .There is over 400 types of sharks in the world.
Some sharks prefer to swimme in cold place but other sharks like toswimme  fares from lands.Sharks have an exeptional night vusing 

About the whales :
Whales make spipes of water .The whale can be dangerous if he wants.
The whales eat litle fishes and water litle plants.
The whale is very big and the whales are swimming together.

The whale and the sharks are together living in the water ecosystem and the together it others fishes

The snow leopard and the white bear .

About the snow leopard :
The snow leopard lives in coldin places .The snow leopard is an carnivore .The snow leopard is coverd of thick fure with some rounds on his fure.
The snow leopard is very intresting animal.

About the white bear :
The white bear has also a thick fure like the snow leopard.The white leopard is white like you heart in his name.The white bear live in cold place and he eat
fishes and other animals.THe white bear is big and heavy
he sleeping a lot.

About Biodiversity

1 What is an ecosysteme ?

An cosystem is a place. The most intresting in ich ecosyst mem is that there climate, plants, animals , food  and insects are all different.

2 What does an organism mean ? How can an organism live in a ecosystem ? Explain

An organism is a living thing . It's easy to reconise it lives.An organism can live in an ecosysteme because the ecosystem needs to be made of animals, plants or insects.

3 How an organism's patterns of behaviorare related to the nature of that organism ecosystem ?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

About dieversity

1What is an ecosystem ?

An ecosystem is a place which can have an cold or hot climate . In an Ecosystem they can have different plants and animals or insects.Rain forests whet land and tropical are all ecosystem.There is the water ecosystem .


1 What is an ecosystem ?

An ecosystem is a placer e wich have an different climate , plants, animals and insects.
the rain forest, the forest, the desert, the whetlands, the coral, the reefs and the tropical are all ecosystems.
There is many cind of ecosystems.

2 What does organism mean ?