Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We Can Make a Difference

Find out how can you help and support biodiversity in your coutryand in other parts of world...

I think that people can try to plant more tree , maybe to econome more the water and the electricity .And to dont throu away dishes. But in our country I think that I can help to learn my friends to econome the water and the electricity and how to reciclen peper an dto give batteris to special boxes wich resycle theme I think tha will be good and to dont throught away dishes.

I think that people can stop polluing the planet and to resicle things that we can resicle.They can econome the water and electricity , they can also make grow up trees and  stp chop down them.People can also stop to keal animals  because this animals can be in extinct.  People can try to just care about biodiversity and our planet.

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