Thursday, November 7, 2013

Comparisons between Biomes

The Shark and the whale .

   The Shark and the Whale are together in the water ecosistem . 

About the shark :
The Shark is an Carnivore ( wich eat other fishs ) animal .There is over 400 types of sharks in the world.
Some sharks prefer to swimme in cold place but other sharks like toswimme  fares from lands.Sharks have an exeptional night vusing 

About the whales :
Whales make spipes of water .The whale can be dangerous if he wants.
The whales eat litle fishes and water litle plants.
The whale is very big and the whales are swimming together.

The whale and the sharks are together living in the water ecosystem and the together it others fishes

The snow leopard and the white bear .

About the snow leopard :
The snow leopard lives in coldin places .The snow leopard is an carnivore .The snow leopard is coverd of thick fure with some rounds on his fure.
The snow leopard is very intresting animal.

About the white bear :
The white bear has also a thick fure like the snow leopard.The white leopard is white like you heart in his name.The white bear live in cold place and he eat
fishes and other animals.THe white bear is big and heavy
he sleeping a lot.

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