Thursday, November 7, 2013

Analyze of the snow leopard

the snow leopard is in the cat familly
We can find snow leopard in the russa
The snow leopard is very difficult to find
the number of the snow leopards is little

Analyze of the white bear

the white bear is in the bear familly he is living over many years
people can find the white bear in colden place but it is very dangerous
the white bear has a big number that mean that he is not near  the extinction

Analyze of the whale

Tha whale is in the fishe  familly
we can find whales in the sea
there is many kind of whales
that means that he's number big

Analyze of the Shark

The shark is also in the fishe  familly he is one of the first fishes in the world
People can find the shark in different sea .The shark has a big number.

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